About 5thNK.com LLC


We own the domain www.eCopySoftware.com
purchasing platform is Ecwid 

5thNK (5th and K) is a premier VAR (Value Added Re-seller) for Kofax/Nuance/eCopy Software
5thNK.com has been selling and supporting eCopy solutions for 18 years
Our team is made up of former eCopy Inc Employees. We purchased the domain eCopySoftware.com in September of 2009,  to allow you an easy purchasing experience. 
We sell and support with and through Nuance/eCopy the eCopy brand. 
 We adhere to the policies and procedures of Nuance.  

Google Verifies company information 

5thnk.com L.L.C. 

500 S. 336th #104
Federal way WA, WA 98023
253 221 9051

We are 100% dedicated to selling and supporting Kofax software. 

5th and K is a street name that for us represented playing kick the can, flag football, and that which kids did in the early 70's. YES, our team is seasoned for sure. Our logo is a street sign that represents "great times." There were many times we would call each other and state the obvious; " Meet you at 5th and K in an hour. 
"And now you know who we are."   

This site is not fancy. It is meant to be simple with simple click to action items.