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Microsoft Office 365
eCopy branded software needs to be activated and registered. Having said that you are not forced to register, however the 18 months standard support you get with your license is meaningless unless you register. Activation takes place when you install the software. Activation and registration are common with eCopy Paperworks, eCopy PDF Pro Office and eCopy ShareScan software. Registration and activation processes reach 
out over the internet to the Nuance eCopy licensing engine. 

NOTE... Paperworks was discontinued March 31 2013. Today you can buy the upgrade
eCopy PDF Pro Office Single user price $169
Support... When you call in for support the Nuance team will ask you for your Product key. They will then look up your product key to see if it has been registered. When you call us for support we too will ask you for your product key, unless of course you are one of our customers, we then will ask you for your company name or your name etc. 

5thNK. When you buy from 5thNK via any one of a number of our eCopy domains own, we e-deliver your software. Prior to e-delivering we register the software for you under our account. Not every company has an IT person who will register and keep track of this software. That is where we come in. We are your IT. However should you want to contact Nuance direct for support... by all means please do. 888 201 1400 option 2, option 2. 

Every one of these customers who purchased online from us, we at 5thNK registered accordingly. 


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