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Support can be complicated.  For instance, support starts the day your current contract ended. 
If you have a  eCopy Software product that has been out of support since September of 2009 (as an example)
 to upgrade you would have to buy support starting from September of 2009. 
We advise you to call Nuance 1st. Have your product key handy. 
Dial 888 201 1400 option 2 option 1. Tell them your product key and they can tell you how many years you have been without support. 
Why do you want support? Probably to upgrade. Might be easier we would suggest, to simply buy NEW. 

Please call us. If we don't answer leave us a message. 
We will get back to you by end of day. 
253 221 9051

Current Version as of

Buy PDF Pro OfficeeCopy PDF Pro V 6.3