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Support from our Team: FREE
Training from our team: FREE

As long as you have support, our company will take you through Break/fix FREE

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There are differences between the two terms.

eCopy Product Registration:

Product Registration, along with a current eCopy Maintenance and Support Agreement (M&S), provides the customer technical product support and incremental software updates during the warranty period and the subsequent (M&S) period.

eCopy Product Activation:

Activation is required before the 30 day software grace period expires or the application is locked down from further usage.
This includes evaluation software which will cease operation before 45 days unless the product is activated.

Q: Is product registration necessary?

A: While Product registration is not required, it must be completed in order to:

o Access Customer Support Services

o Technical Support

o Customer Support

o Hardware repair/replacement (RMA) services

o Obtain:

o Product Updates and Upgrades

o ShareScan Connectors for the ShareScan Suite product.

Q: What is considered "product" in the Registration system?

A: Product keys, Software Serial numbers, and Maintenance and Support Agreement numbers are considered products that should be registered. These all have financial value and ownership is established by registering these items.

Q: How long will it take to register my product?

A: The registration will only take a couple of minutes, and it becomes effective immediately.

Q: Why would end-user customers want to register their products?

A: If end-user customers prefer to manage their own registrations and upgrades, they can create an account in their name to register and manage product information. By doing so, eCopy can communicate directly about product update availability. 

Q: How do I know eCopy will keep my information private?

A: We (eCopy) understand the importance of providing you with information concerning the collection and use of data collected from you. Please see for a complete description of eCopy's privacy policy.

Q: Why would a dealer want to register products for their customer?

A: As dealers are responsible for providing first level support to the end customer, some dealers may prefer to maintain records of the eCopy product on their customers' behalf. This would allow the dealer to handle maintenance and software updates for the eCopy products. By registering the products for their customer, the dealer ensures that they receive all product related communications from eCopy which they should pass along to their customers.

Q: Do product keys, software serial numbers and/or Maintenance and Support (M&S) Agreements need to be registered?

A: Yes. eCopy provides support only to those customers with products and, if used, add-on M&S agreements that have been registered. Information captured by registering your products is used to validate the support status of your products when requesting assistance.

Q: Is there any difference in coverage if the dealer registers instead of the customer?

A: No, the coverage is the same in either case. The only difference is who is notified of the availability of updates.

Q: How do I get my Connectors for ScanStation Suite (v4.2) or ShareScan Suite (v4.2)?

A: To gain access to eCopy Connectors purchased as part of the ScanStation Suite or ShareScan Suite Products you must first register the product key or software serial number for the package.

After the registration is completed there will be a list of available Connectors, each with a pull down menu. One of the actions available allows download of the selected Connector.

For more details please see the Upgrade Center FAQ.
(if you use skype call ecopysoftware)
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