eCopy Connector iManage WorkSite

eCopy Paperworks comes Standard with the iManage Connector

eCopy Paperworks + Connector into iManage Worksite.

ePW = eCopy Paperworks.

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"Must have current support contract in place."

ePW Connector Autonomy iManage Worksite - v2009.10 (upon request)

eCopy PaperWorks Connector for Autonomy iManage WorkSite

This eCopy PaperWorks Connector enables you to directly deliver and retrieve scanned or electronic documents from Autonomy iManage WorkSite.

The integration between eCopy PaperWorks and Autonomy iManage WorkSite provides dynamic connectivity. Changes made to the back end applications (e.g., new workspaces or repositories) are automatically and immediately reflected in eCopy PaperWorks, which reduces the burden on IT departments and helps organizations respond quickly as the environment changes.

Office workers can open / check out and save / check in documents directly from eCopy PaperWorks. This bi-directional connectivity saves time and streamlines business processes.

Effectively manage paper documents throughout their life-cycle

STANDARD with your purchase of eCopy Paperworks

  Connector Name   Maker of Connector  Standard with your purchase
  Autonomy iManage WorkSite  eCopy