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1 User License with 1 year of Maintenance and Support

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STANDARD: SharePoint Connectors

 Single user License of eCopy Paperworks

The Open SharePoint icon you see top left in the eCopy Papeworks tool bar will allow you to view all collection sites you have rites to see into. The Save SharePoint icon is preset to scan direct into an all ready targeted SharePoint Collection site. After you position paper into any scanner, Paperworks will drive the scanner to bring in the paper as tif or PDF images. Once you have the paper into PaperWorks in image format, you then click on either icon, name your document, and then deposit into a SharePoint Collection site. 

The image you see below represents a connection into SharePoint Hosted/BPOS Paperworks (no browser required) allows direct scan into SharePoint. 

February 11, 2010

Unlock Microsoft SharePoint’s Potential with eCopy
Businesses are rapidly adopting Microsoft SharePoint to improve information-worker productivity and efficiency. However, without the ability to scan paper content directly to SharePoint, companies cannot take full advantage of its collaborative nature.

Your eCopy Opportunity with Microsoft SharePoint at the MFP or Scanner
eCopy and your networked MFP or scanner gives users a single process for sharing, searching, storing, and managing paper documents in Microsoft SharePoint. eCopy ShareScan® supports scanning documents directly into SharePoint.

By presenting eCopy’s integration capabilities with SharePoint, you are adding value to your MFP sale and differentiating yourself from other MFP vendors.

  • The eCopy Connector for Microsoft SharePoint is part of the eCopy ShareScan® Suite™, which means there is no added cost to the customer when they purchase eCopy ShareScan Suite.
  • The SharePoint Connector integrates with both the free and fee flavors of SharePoint

The eCopy Connector for Microsoft SharePoint works with a networked MFP or Scanner to:

  • Scan, preview, and send paper-based content directly to a SharePoint repository
  • Enable direct-to-location distribution of scanned documents
  • Uphold authentication and access rights
  • Support SharePoint content types, metadata, and workflows for accurate indexing of scanned documents
  • Provide immediate, online access to all information
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