eCopy PaperWorks what does it do?

eCopy PaperWorks

BERTL reviews eCopy Paperworks.

M. David Stone of BERTL’s  IT TECH TALK wrote a comprehensive 3 page review of the eCopy Paperworks application. He speaks about the feature comparison to old versions, newly supported file types, security, citrix support, and Document management connectors.

Click here to read the review. (PDF – 945k)

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Combine scanned and electronic documents into secure, searchable PDFs

eCopy PaperWorks is easy-to-use desktop document imaging software that enables office workers to convert electronic and paper documents into text-searchable, secure PDFs and directly include them in business applications and workflows. eCopy PaperWorks provides office workers with advanced tools to scan, merge, modify, and connect documents with the software they use every day.

eCopy PaperWorks features include:

  • Capture paper documents from your desktop scanner or copier
  • Use your network copier to scan documents and send them directly to eCopy PaperWorks
  • Save the scanned documents as secure, searchable PDFs

  • Combine scanned documents, faxes, e-mails, and electronic files
  • Rearrange pages by simply dragging and dropping
  • Create documents in a secure, searchable, common file format
  • Merge documents from a variety of storage locations
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  • View, edit, mark up, and manipulate files
  • Insert bookmarks, add dynamic headers, footers, or Bates Stamps, and electronically sign documents
  • Annotate pages using drawing tools, text tools, highlight, blackout, whiteout, and notes
  • Burn-in changes so that they can't be altered

  • Save files as secure documents, distribute via e-mail or fax, and integrate with backend applications and business process workflows
  • Using eCopy PaperWorks Connectors for Microsoft® SharePoint®, EMC® Documentum®, iManage WorkSite, and Open Text eDOCS DM™, scanned and electronic information can be delivered directly to, stored in, and retrieved from document management systems
  • SharePoint, EMC Documentum, iManage Worksite, Open Text eDOCS DM

STANDARD with your purchase (Connectors)

  Connector Name   Maker of Connector  Standard with your purchase
  Autonomy iManage WorkSite  eCopy
  Microsoft SharePoint   eCopy   YES
  EMC Documentum Content Server   eCopy   YES