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eCopy PDF Pro Office 5.3 Release Notes

Version 5.3

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Last edited: February 17, 2012


These release notes discuss the following topics:

Minimum System Requirements

Third Party Licenses/Notices

Installation, Activation, Registration

General Application Notes

Scanner support

General Technical Notes

New features in the 5.1 release

New features in the 5.2 release

New features in the 5.3 release

Known Issues

Minimum System Requirements

  • A computer with an Intel® Pentium® III or higher processor
  • Supported operating systems
    • Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit Editions with Service Pack 1
    • Windows XP 32-bit Edition with Service Pack 3
    • Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit Editions with Service Pack 2
    • Windows 2003, 2008 Server (Citrix, AD, WTS)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or above
  • 512MB of memory (RAM), 1GB recommended
  • 500MB of free hard disk space for application files plus 50MB working space during installation
  • Web access needed for product registration, activation and obtaining live updates for the program.
  • To save DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files (for Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 Word, Excel and PowerPoint) you should have or install Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework. The different XPS related conversions do not require having Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework installed.

Note:  Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer’s processor, memory, and available disk space exceed minimum requirements. This is especially true when converting very large color PDF files. Hyper-thread enabled or 

Note:  Keep the serial number of earlier versions, to retain the option of installing them on a different computer.

PDF Pro Office and other Nuance products

Previous versions of PDF Create and/or PDF Converter products might be installed on your computer with the different versions of OmniPage and PaperPort. The installer of PDF Pro Office detects previous versions of these PDF products and upgrades them. You can skip upgrading the PDF Converter component during the installation process to keep the previous version PDF Converter, but it does not cooperate with the latest version of  PDF Pro Office. The previous PDF Create has to be updated with its newest version, as included in PDF Pro Office. Two versions of PDF Pro Office and PDF Create cannot be installed together.

Registering PDF Pro Office

At the end of installation, you will be asked to fill out an electronic form to register your copy of PDF Pro Office. If you decide not to, you will be prompted again seven days later.

Registering PDF Pro Office on a computer without an Internet connection

If you install PDF Pro Office on a computer without an Internet connection, when you try to register, the Internet Connection Wizard is started. PDF Pro Office may generate a message saying that the registration is not successful. Dismiss this message and work through the Internet Connection Wizard; when completed, Nuance's registration page will be opened where you can fill out an electronic form you can transfer to a machine with e-mail access to register your copy of PDF Pro Office.

General Application Notes

Downloading Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework

Please read the appropriate section of the System Requirements to learn why you may need Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework.

You can also use the link below any time to open the Microsoft download page:

Once the download page is opened, click Download and follow the instructions on screen.

Document Management System (DMS) support

  • Hummingbird Enterprise™ 5.3, 6
    PDF Pro Office supports Hummingbird Enterprise systems if a DM Extensions API is installed and configured on the client machine. The product is also integrated into Windows Explorer DM Extension.
  • Interwoven® WorkSite 8.3, 8.5
    PDF Pro Office supports Interwoven WorkSite systems if DeskSite 8.2 or FileSite 8.2 for WorkSite 8.3 or Desksite 8.5 or FileSite 8.5 for WorokSite 8.5 is installed and configured on the client machine. The product is also integrated into DeskSite clients.
  • Worldox GX2
  • Livelink® ECM - Enterprise Server 9.7.0 and 10. from OpenText Corp. 
    PDF Pro Office supports LiveLink ECM if LiveLink Explorer Professional Windows Client is installed and configured on the client machine.
  • Microsoft ® SharePoint Server 2003, 2007, 2010, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0

Microsoft Office compatibility

Conversion to different editable formats can be performed whether or not the target applications are installed on your system. However, to use the results, you need the applications associated to the target file types you want to use (for example Microsoft Word XP (SP3), Microsoft Word 2003 (SP3) for .doc files, the same versions of Microsoft Excel for .xls files, Microsoft Office 2007 (SP1) or Microsoft Office 2010 for DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files and Corel WordPerfect X3 and X4 for .wpd files).

Downloading a Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

If a Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack is installed on your computer, Office 2007 output files can be opened in earlier Office versions. This software is downloadable from the Microsoft site: This component is not necessary for saving or converting files into Office 2007 formats.

Adobe® Flash Player

To view, edit or create PDF portfolios you should have or install Adobe® Flash Player.

Scanner Support

Scanning to PDF documents is improved in PDF Pro Office. The scanner support is exactly the same as in other Nuance products such as OmniPage or PaperPort.

Install your scanner before you install PDF Pro Office

Your scanner must be working independently of the program prior to connecting it to the program. Scanners to be used by the product should be installed according to the scanner manufacturer’s specifications. Please consult the documentation that came with your scanner for information.

TWAIN, WIA and ISIS drivers

PDF Pro Office supports scanners that are controlled by TWAIN, WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) or ISIS scanner drivers. PDF Pro Office supports any fully TWAIN- WIA- or ISIS-compliant scanner or other input devices that can supply at least a binary (black-and-white) image in a supported resolution (200 to 600 dots per inch).

Scanner Setup Wizard

PDF Pro Office includes a Scanner Setup Wizard that will automatically test your scanner for use with the product. It is launched automatically the first time you try to scan images to PDF document. You can also launch it from the menu Edit/Preferences/General/Scanner Setup. The scanning process can be driven either by the UI provided by the scanner manufacturer or in UI-less mode with pre-defined settings (One Touch scan). For more details please read the appropriate section of the product Help.

Scanner compatibility

Since scanners change frequently, please refer to for the most recent information about scanner compatibility. If you are having problems with your scanner, please contact the scanner manufacturer for assistance. Often, scanner manufacturers maintain web sites that provide the latest scanner drivers, answers to frequently asked questions, and other information about their products.

General Technical Notes

·    Installation of the Hummingbird DM Extension and Interwoven DeskSite add-ons
The product installer detects the presence of the client software of these DMS and registers add-ons for them providing PDF document related features. If the DMS client components are not installed in advance, the registration of the add-ons is skipped by the product installer.
You can control the integration of these add-ons if the installation of the DMS client is performed later or if you just want to enable or disable the feature. The appropriate Edit/Preferences dialog is extended with a menu item for this purpose.

  • Opening XPS files in Word 2007 using File/Open
    The product provides an MS Word input filter for XPS files. This component allows XPS files to be opened using the standard File/Open menu. The Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Microsoft Office 2007 is required for this feature. If you don’t have this update installed on your computer, a warning message appears after selecting an XPS file, because Word does not recognize the foreign file format properly. The lack of the SP1 has no other effect on XPS conversions.
    • The buttons ‘Open PDF…’ (for MS Word Extension) and ‘PDF Converter 7’ (for MS Outlook Extension) appear. Both of them work properly; use the ‘PDF Converter 7’ button to convert PDF mail attachments.
    • If a received mail with a PDF attachment is in Rich Text Format, the ‘PDF Converter 7’ button for MS Outlook may not appear. Save the attachment to a file and convert it using Nuance PDF Converter Assistant or select it in Windows® Explorer®, use a right mouse click for a shortcut menu, and convert it from there.
    • If the mail format is RTF, sending a mail from Microsoft® Word might fail when the PDF Converter Outlook Add-in is registered.
  • Non-standard encoded PDF files
    Handling of non-standard encoded PDF files is changed in PDF Converter Assistant compared to the previous version. The software can automatically detect this type of PDF file and uses OCR to get a more accurate conversion result. You can turn this feature on or off in the Processing Mode panel of PDF Converter Assistant. Turning it off gives faster speed with the same character recognition accuracy as the text copy/paste operation in a PDF viewer or editor application. For better accuracy, the automatic detection is turned on by default.
  • Using the Optimizer tool
    • This allows you to remove embedded fonts from PDF documents to reduce their size. Only the Windows ANSI encoded fonts can be removed from the files. Removing embedded fonts may result in modified appearance when the file is distributed.
    • This also provides a feature to compress different PDF objects using Flate encoding. This encoding is used only when the resulting compressed stream is smaller than the original one. This means that after using Optimizer, certain streams may remain non-encoded and the file size is not reduced as much as expected.

·         Using the Redaction tool

    • After using the Redaction tool, the Save As dialog box appears, even if the File/Save menu has been selected. This behavior prevents you from overwriting the original file and losing the redacted content.
    • The redaction dialog box provides a checkbox for Remove all occurrences of the marked content. This refers to repeating content in the document, like headers, footers or Bates Stamps applied to all pages or a range of pages. It does not refer to multiple occurrences of a word in the document. For this purpose, use the Search and Redact feature.
    • Please take into consideration that the attachments of PDF files are not redacted by the product. Removal of the sensitive data from documents has to be done before attaching them to the PDF file.
    • Non-PDF documents inside PDF Portfolios are not redacted by the product. Removal of the sensitive data from documents has to be done before adding them to the PDF portfolio.


New features of the 5.1 point release


·         RSA BSAFE Crypto ME
Using an RSA BSAFE Crypto ME cryptographic module PDF Professional allows the usage of FIPS140-2 approved encryption algorithms.

·         Automatic signature validation
Signatures in signed or certified documents can be automatically validated when the document is opened. Certificates for validation are obtained from Trusted Identities or Windows Certificate Store's Root Certificates

·         Export, Import security settings
Security settings such as Trust Settings, Digital Identities and Server Connection Settings can be exported or imported even automatically from a remote server

·         Web viewing of PDF files in Internet Explorer in PACER sites solved

·         Enhanced Document Assembly
In Document Assembly view moving pages is easier than before

·         Scan to PDF/A-1b
Possibility to scan into PDF/A-1b compliant documents.

·         NetDocument support
Upload PDF files to NetDocuments

·         Interwoven support improvements

    • a changed login mechanism
    • provides warning when documents are checked out to other users

·         Extended support of 64-bit Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2010 applications
PDF Create add-in is available in 64-bit versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

·         New OCR languages
Four new languages are available for OCR: Chinese (simplified, traditional), Japanese and Korean.

·         Embedding Type 1 fonts in PDF files is improved
In previous versions when PDF files were printed with the ScanSoft PDF Create! driver in some cases Type 1 fonts were not embedded in the created PDF documents

·         Saving in the Citrix environment is now faster
Saving to a local drive in the Citrix environment could take an extremely long time in PDF Pro Office


New features of the 5.2 point release


·         Support for new DMS versions

    • Worldox™ GX2
    • Hummingbird Enterprise™ 5.3
    • Livelink® Enterprise Server version 10.
    • Therefore™ 2011 R2

·         Improved displaying of PDF documents

    • More reliable PDF opening (fixes for specific files)
    • Better display of text and graphics
    • Wider range of accented characters handled correctly

·         Enhanced PDF display in Internet Explorer embedded viewer
After viewing and closing PDF documents in Internet Explorer opening a new PDF did not always display in PDF Pro Office

·         Search for just keywords in documents without a full document search

·         Verifying Digital Signatures

    • Verifying signatures when the document is opened
    • Verifying signatures and certified documents with digital IDs stored in Windows Certificate Store
    • Use of different times when verifying signatures

·         DMS integration fixes
Fixes in Hummingbird and Interwoven® integrations

New features of the 5.3 point release


·         Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint - access through the SharePoint Connection Setting option

·         Nuance Cloud Connector - access to documents stored in various cloud storage services.

·         DMS integration fixes

    • Fixes in Hummingbird 5.3 DMS integration resolves Outlook integration issues, incorrectly grayed saving options and problems with opening documents directly from the DMS.
    • Fixes in SharePoint integration resolve a number of document access issues.

·         Better conversion to Microsoft Office formats

    • When converting certain PDF spreadsheets to Microsoft Excel the document was incorrectly formatted
    • Improved conversion to Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 docx format, eliminating crashes of Word when opening certain converted documents.

·         Fixing printing issues

    • When printing multiple copies of a PDF file from PDF Converter Professional 7, the print output results in more copies than desired.
    • Incorrectly displayed vertical dimension of A0, A1, A2 and A3 paper sizes corrected.

·         Better handling of digital signatures
Resolves some situations when newly created digital signatures do not appear in the list of the available digital IDs – this issue was environment specific.

·         Fixing display problems of certain PDF documents

    • In case of certain documents the text content was not displayed, only special characters did appear, though the text was available for selecting and copying.
    • In case of certain PDF forms some form fields were not displayed.
    • In case of certain PDF forms pressing Enter at the end of line did not add a new line.
    • In case of certain international PDF documents accented characters were not displayed.
    • Hyperlinks were not always displayed correctly; thick black borders could make them unreadable.

·         Fixing Russian Text to Speech
When reading out loud a Russian document only numbers and English text content (if any) were read aloud.