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Nuance is the Company, eCopy is the brand, PDF Pro Office V 6.2 is the software 
5thNK made up of former eCopy Inc employees and stock holders is the reseller/VAR 
This software is the upgrade to eCopy Desktop and eCopy Paperworks 
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Key Features eCopy PDF Pro Office    Buy PDF Pro OfficeeCopy PDF Pro V 6.11    Key Features eCopy PDF Pro Office

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new Features in ecopy PDF Pro office 6
  • Advanced Edit mode converts and displays your document in a word processor-like interface, allowing for faster and more fluid editing right from the PDF application
  • Connect to your documents in the cloud or document management systems, right from the “open” and “Save As” menus
  • Create and verify PDF/A compliance through the new Compliance Checker, and resolve issues with a single click
  •  Combine PDF and Microsoft office documents quickly with automatic document assembly
  •  Add notes to PDF documents simply by speaking, with Dragon® notes