eCopy PDF Pro Office V 6.0

Nuance eCopy PDF Pro Office 6

Introducing eCopy PDF Pro Office 6, from Nuance. 

With eCopy PDF Pro Office 6, users can create, convert, edit and share PDF files faster and easier than ever before with features such as:

  • Effortless creation of 100% industry standard PDF files – from any application, web browser or scanner
  • Accurate conversion of PDF files to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Corel WordPerfect documents
  • Easy document assembly – combining both electronic and scanned images into a single file
  • One-click Connectivity with popular document management and cloud storage services – making it easier than ever to located, modify and store documents with your existing systems

And eCopy PDF Pro Office 6 sports several unique, new features designed to improve productivity and support the needs of the enterprise:

  • A more dynamic way to edit PDF documents – edit PDF documents with the fluidity, flexibility and interactivity of word processing
  • The ability to make documents and files quickly accessible everywhere with shared document access to critical documents on the network or in the Cloud
  • Ensure PDF accessibility and compatibility for the long term with unrivaled PDF/A support and tools to guarantee PDF integrity
  • Protects documents without passwords getting in the way. Secures documents and shares them freely within an enterprise without having to remember passwords using digital rights management
  • Speak your notes – Because eCopy PDF Pro Office is built by Nuance, we can leverage the industry-leading speech recognition capabilities of Dragon.  This means users can add information to your PDF at up to 3x faster than typing

PDF files are the electronic standard for how we work today – ensuring that the document layout and integrity are maintained regardless of whether it is viewed on a PC or Mac, tablet or smartphone, on the network or in the cloud. And because PDF crosses all platforms, everyone receives PDFs – downloading them from the Web, receiving them in email or from MFPs and scanners. This means that every worker in an organization – every single person that touches your MFP – should have access to Nuance eCopy PDF Pro Office. Nuance eCopy PDF Pro Office is a great, new sales opportunity that could add 20 software licenses to each MFP sale.