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Ron Martin - 5thN K has absolutely fantastic customer service. Services were performed quickly and efficiently. The software worked as promised!11/1/10D

Megan Jordan - 5thNK had the best price and the best customer service. They kept in touch with me regularly about the status of my order. 
I will definitely be buying from them again if I need anymore licenses.

eCopy Software - We strive to deliver eCopy Software and support in 30 minutes or less11/1/10 (edited 11/1/10)

David Pate - We have been very pleased with the customer service after our purchase of eCopy Paperworks. Scott has followed up and was with me step-by-step during installation. Would recommend 5thNK and will use again in the future. Thanks!11/1/10

Tim Friedmann - 5thNK is a breath of fresh air...They have some of the best pricing but more importantly their response
time is second to none and they take care of all issues in a timely manner...This is the second time I have bought Ecopy licenses from 5thNK....
I would highly recommend you give them a try...

Joyce Real - 5th N K handled my eCopy paperworks needs in a very timely fashion, I had the best experience with this transaction. 
I do recommend this product and company. Will use them again as the need arrises. Thank you very much 5thNK!!

Johnanna Oglesby - Very Pleased!!! with our law firm's ecopy purchase experience!!! Especially following my inquiry call to ecopy directly... 
The Best Customer Service & Better pricing!!! Double Win! Thanks!

eCopy Software - We strive to deliver eCopy Software and support in 30 minutes or less11/3/10

Brent Maille - Great service. Bought new computer and needed to move software. 
Thought these guys have already made their money and will be slow to service. WRONG! Great service. Email back to me within hours of what to do.

Gene Anderson - 5thNK has providing me assistance on a software issue with REAL human people not machines.
I didn't purchase my software from them, however, they helped me anyway. I highly recommend these people and will use them in the future for my software needs. Thanks 5thNK.
7:54 am

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