eCopy Trade-In

eCopy trade-in

Trade In Program

The number of product keys a customer receives will depend on how eCopy Desktop was purchased. For
example, if you purchased five add-on packs of 20 user licenses each, you will get five, 20 user product keys.
eCopy’s Trade-in Program allows you to trade-in and combine multiple product keys for all of the licenses you have
purchased. In the example above, you could combine your five, 20 user product keys for a single 100 user product
key. This will make it easier to administer and deploy product keys.

How do you trade?
Open a ticket in the Ask eCopy system. You will need a list of the eCopy Desktop product keys that will be traded
in to open your Ask eCopy ticket.

eCopy trade-in
Program specifics
• You must have a minimum of 30 seats or more than 3 product keys for the same product in order to
combine the licenses.
• All keys must be at version 9.0 or greater.
• All seats must have M&S coverage for at least the next 6 months.
• Only valid product keys that have not been activated can be traded-in.
• Dealers cannot trade-in product keys in order to combine licenses for different companies.
• Trade-in only applies to products covered under Maintenance & Support. Licenses that have expired
Maintenance & Support cannot be traded-in.
• Trade-in does not apply to Evaluation, Not-for-Resale, and Site/Volume License product keys.
• Every product key to be traded in must be registered under one customer account.
• Permission to move registrations is required.
• A Dealer or Facilities Manager (FM) can not trade in keys consolidate keys from different companies/end
Scott Salisbury,
Oct 7, 2010, 10:37 AM