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The Business Challenge
Organizations will always have the need to capture, store, and distribute paper-based information among co-workers, suppliers, and customers. This leaves organizations to struggle with the need to incorporate paper-based information into electronic workflows.

Too often, organizations have two work processes tackling the same business task - one electronic workflow moving at Internet speed trailed by a paper-bound process that slows everything down. This approach impedes instant access to information and frequently results in misplaced information.

Today, faxes and overnight couriers just are not good enough, or fast enough. A fax simply cannot deliver clear, original-quality pages; and despite heavy usage, overnight delivery slows down business processes too much to be effective.

About eCopy
eCopy is an innovative provider of document imaging solutions that rapidly integrate paper-bound information into existing business processes and applications. Organizations that use eCopy software can easily access, modify, distribute, and share hard copy information electronically, improving operational efficiency and achieving significant savings.

eCopy products support individual, workgroup and enterprise needs while extending the use of office multifunction peripherals (MFPs) and scanners and leveraging investments in network infrastructure. A consistent, easy-to-use process enables anyone in an organization to transform paper-based information into secure digital files that easily integrate with electronic workflows, facilitate user collaboration, and protect business continuity.

Partnerships with leading MFP and scanner providers and collaboration with independent software vendors enable eCopy software to present an intuitive interface across a range of capture devices to directly connect document scanning with essential business applications and consolidate paper and electronic workflows into a single process. Since 1992, thousands of organizations have profited from productivity gains enabled by eCopy's ability to bridge the gap between paper and digital documents.

eCopy Solutions
With the emergence of MFPs linked to corporate networks, electronic document distribution is now accessible to virtually every office worker. By conveniently combining the power and ease-of-use of the ubiquitous MFP with the instantaneous distribution capabilities of e-mail, network fax, collaborative software, and document management applications, eCopy provides a standard document imaging operating platform across MFP brands so office workers can use the same scanning procedures at any of an organization's networked MFPs or scanners.

eCopy answers any organization's need to distribute, view, and manage paper documents by scanning them into electronic format and integrating with the applications that run and support the business. No more trudging back to the workstation to fill out labels, stuff envelopes, and rush to meet the 6 p.m. pick-up. No more waiting in line at the fax machine or checking for the overnight delivery truck. No more re-entry of paper-based information into enterprise content management systems so that work teams can have instant electronic access to critical information. No more rifling through office space consuming file cabinets to find dog eared photo copies.

Simply scan a paper document - any contract, fax, multi-page form, diagram, or even a 50-page manual - select the recipient, add a subject line and cover note, and transmit the electronic copy over the corporate network or the Internet, directly from the MFP. Send an electronic copy around the world, to a colleague on the next floor, into a Web-enabled content management system, or back to the desktop for annotation, storage, and re-distribution.

eCopy Products

eCopy ShareScan® - Document imaging solutions for the workgroup and the enterprise
eCopy ShareScan products set a competitive standard for simple, secure, and cost effective electronic distribution and integration of paper-based information. This award-winning software enables users of a workgroup or enterprise network to share the digital copier's or scanner's ability to turn paper documents into digital files, which can then be distributed down the hall or around the world over the corporate network or Internet.

The eCopy ShareScan family of products includes ShareScan Essentials, ShareScan Suite, and ShareScan Suite for scanners.

With eCopy ShareScan Essentials™, office workers can use their MFP or scanners to quickly and securely scan paper documents and distribute electronic copies as PDF files, increasing workgroup productivity through improved access to information. It offers document scanning to e-mail, fax, network folders, and eCopy PaperWorks™. In addition, the ShareScan platform architecture opens unlimited opportunities for integration with any business application through a variety of application integration capabilities.

ShareScan Essentials is for workgroups, departments and small businesses.

With eCopy ShareScan Suite™, office workers can use their MFPs or scanners for secure document scanning and seamless integration into business applications that support electronic business processes. It provides a consistent, easy to use interface across any scanning device, promoting user adoption and increasing the value of enterprise hardware and business software investments.

ShareScan Suite is for medium, large and enterprise-class companies with multiple business applications and network repositories. It provides the broadest and deepest compatibility with Microsoft technologies of any document imaging software.

eCopy ShareScan products provide a consistent, easy to use interface across any capture device, promoting user adoption and increasing the value of enterprise hardware and business software investments. In addition, the software offers native integration to leading document management scanning, e-mail, fax, database, collaboration, and cost recovery software applications.

eCopy PaperWorks™ - Combine scanned and electronic documents into secure, searchable PDFs
eCopy PaperWorks is easy-to-use desktop document imaging software that enables office workers to convert electronic and paper documents into text-searchable, secure PDFs and directly include them in business applications and workflows. eCopy PaperWorks provides office workers with advanced tools to scan, merge, modify, and connect documents with the software they use every day. Try the new eCopy PaperWorks Software free for 45 days.

eCopy Professional Services (ePS)
ePS Provides customization and implementation services to meet unique requirements and ensure ease of implementation and high user acceptance. This capability helps organizations implement scanning technology on the network quickly and efficiently, and also frees up valuable internal IT resources to focus on day-to-day activities.

Unlimited Levels of Integration
eCopy enables independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs) and corporate developers to provide their users with support for scanning on all eCopy-supported MFPs and scanners simply by developing a single integration Connector to an enterprise application. The eCopy Connections Alliance Program (eCAP) exists to support software alliance partners that develop Connectors utilizing the eCopy software development kit (SDK). The SDK eliminates the need to have copiers at the developer's location when creating the integration. It includes APIs, samples, documentation, and tools, including a GUI interface generator which allows a developer to draw the controls on forms that are deployed on an embedded MFP or ScanStation attached to an MFP or scanner.

eCopy and members of their developer program, offer a series of Connectors and Services that provide additional integration capabilities. These connected solutions enable paper documents to be scanned and distributed into selected enterprise applications including content management systems such as EMC Documentum Content Server, IBM FileNet, Interwoven WorkSite, Open Text Livelink and Microsoft SharePoint, and communications systems such as Captaris RightFax and Microsoft Outlook/Exchange.

eCopy ShareScan works with more applications than any other solution in the marketplace. In addition to application connectors, services are available to further enhance eCopy ShareScan including Bates Numbering and Cost Recovery.

Additionally, with the eCopy Quick Connect feature, users can seamlessly merge paper into their existing electronic workflows (such as scan to contracts or scan to human resources). Quick Connect allows users to store the document in a specific file location and, at the same time, capture the associated meta data.


Company name: eCopy, Inc.

Founded: 1992

Positioning: eCopy provides the standard document imaging platform that easily and securely transforms paper documents into business value.

Size: 250+ employees

Head office: Nashua, New Hampshire, USA

Senior executives: Edward Schmid, President & CEO; Gary Hall, Senior VP & CFO; Tim Corkery, Senior VP & COO; Michael Conley, VP, Engineering; Mark Roy, VP, Customer Support Services; Tim Durant, VP, Business Development Worldwide.

Customer value: Provides the benefits of bringing paper documents into electronic business workflows including:

  • Increasing operational efficiency.
  • Making business applications more productive.
  • Delivering financial advantage to the bottom line.

Platforms: eCopy's standard platform is supported by every major MFP manufacturer. eCopy software and hardware solutions are used with Canon, Gestetner, HP, Konica Minolta, Lanier, Océ, Ricoh, Savin, Sharp, Toshiba and Xerox MFPs, any ISIS-driven networked scanner, select TWAIN-enabled scanners, and PCs.

Channels: Office Equipment Dealers (OEDs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs)

Key markets: Construction, Education, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, and Telecommunications

Customers: Over two million software licenses worldwide. eCopy customers include GE, Time Warner Inc., Yahoo!, Nissan, Verizon Wireless, BP, Sprint, General Motors, Siemens, Cisco Systems, SAAB, and Sony Corporation.