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Hello and thanks for filling out the form from one of our many websites we own that allows us to message to eCopy branded software from Nuance. In 2009 Nuance the Company purchased eCopy INC the company. In March of 2013 Nuance renamed that which use to be known as Desktop software, then Paperworks to PDF Pro Office. With that Nuance is the Company, eCopy is the brand, the name of the software is PDF Pro Office. When Nuance bought eCopy INC, we stock holders and former employees sold our stock and set up the online experience in buying this software. 
Today 5thNK "the company I own" is Nuance's #1 online reseller Worldwide. 

5thNK is our parent company. We own 40 plus domains/web sites to be found. One such web site is www.CloudBasedScanning.com Why? This software comes standard with the ability to save and extract into any cloud based storage you may be using. 

Our main buying site is 

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(If you read this far we are giving away for FREE eCopy PDF Pro Office to any organization that makes us their Microsoft Office 365 Partner)