ShareScan 5

eCopy ShareScan 5 Availability

5thNK pronounced 5th and K will be able to sell, deliver, support ShareScan 5 by February 1 2011.

eCopy ShareScan 5 is now available from Canon USA and Canon Europe Limited and will be available within 90 days from other members of Nuance’s global channel of MFP vendors, partners and dealers. eCopy ShareScan Suite (US $2995 per MFP) is the flagship version that includes unlimited document and forms processing, as well as eCopy Connectors to business software applications. eCopy ShareScan Office (US $1495 per MFP) is ideal for targeted workflow and office productivity, while eCopy ShareScan Elements (US $795 per MFP, 25 MFP license minimum) provides secure, auditable and synchronized scan to email and fax capabilities. All prices do not include required annual maintenance and support and other limitations may apply.

Each eCopy ShareScan license includes "1" seat of eCopy PDF Pro Office

eCopy ShareScan 5 Key Capabilities and Benefits

  • Unmatched Paperless Productivity – eCopy ShareScan Suite 5 provides unlimited forms processing capabilities as a standard feature, giving organizations the ability to extract data from paper forms directly from the MFP. eCopy ShareScan also includes unlimited document conversion capabilities, providing the highest level of accuracy in turning paper into fully-formatted Microsoft Word and Excel documents, as well as searchable PDF files.
  • Powerful, Secure and Personalized Scanning – The new Personalized Scanning capability presents only workflows that are specific to an individual or department, removing menu clutter, simplifying use of the system and making scan processes easier, faster and more relevant. The new release also better supports mixed-brand MFP environments and improves security and scan audit capabilities through an enhanced eCopy ShareScan Administration Console, which allows administrators to configure, monitor and report on document capture workflows for MFPs on the network.
  • Rapid Customization of Scanning Workflows – The new release delivers amazing levels of document automation out-of-the-box, and it supports the rapid creation of customized workflows and Connectors to business software applications. The new Visual Workflow Designer provides automated design of MFP touch-screen menus, while the Workflow Simulator allows for rapid testing and one-button deployment to all supported MFP devices.
  • Adding Value to Existing Investments – The new release expands on its ability to bridge MFP scanning with existing investments in business software applications through significant improvements to eCopy Connectors and Extenders. Customers using eCopy Connectors experience the same exact workflow no matter which MFP platform they are using. New eCopy Extenders allow any type of document processing to be added to a workflow, ranging from the Forms Processing Extender to those created by third-party developers using the eCopy SDK.
  • The Best Scanning for Print Management – eCopy ShareScan 5 is the ideal scanning companion to print management solutions, with tight integration with products such as uniFLOW™ and Equitrac®. The power of eCopy scanning and workflow combines with print management to support key features such as single sign-on, card access, secure scanning, scan audit and cost recovery.
  • Unique Integrated PDF Desktop – Also new is eCopy PDF Pro Office 5, an upgrade to eCopy PaperWorks that delivers the rich features business users want from Adobe® Acrobat® Professional, but with unique MFP scanning features – and for about one-third the cost of Adobe. The desktop application provides a unique MFP scanning “in box,” and includes desktop connectivity to content management applications such as Autonomy® Interwoven and Microsoft® SharePoint®.
  • Open Architecture – eCopy ShareScan 5 delivers immediate value with its built-in capabilities, and expands to meet the growing paper-to-digital needs of organizations for years to come. eCopy protects long-term investments with its ability to deliver standardized workflows across MFP types, support for the rapid creation of new eCopy Connectors, and the ability to snap-in new document and forms processing steps through eCopy Extenders. With over 200 eCopy Alliance Partner members creating value-added solutions, eCopy is a safe and valuable investment to organizations of every size.