Software Delivery-details L.L.C 18 years selling and supporting eCopy Now Nuance/eCopy delivers an e-file to your email in-box. The license file is generated with and through Nuance. Please see below the email you will be receiving.

e-mail example that is sent to you 30 minutes after you hit the Google buy now button 

Hello   (keep this email for your records)

Thank you for becoming a customer. We are very proud to have you as a customer, and want to thank you again for your order of a a Nuance/eCopy license.

Your software has already been registered in the Nuance/eCopy registration site. Your support begins the day we register. In your case this means your support started (example) October 1, 2010. Your support contract expires (example) October 2, 2011. No worries though as we will in September of 2011 contact you again to renew your support contract. We may over the course of this year be communicating with you from time to time to see how everything is working. And of course contact us any time… PLEASE!  

Product registration is a prerequisite to receive any M&S services from 5thNK and eCopy. This includes but is not limited to Product updates, service packs, upgrades and/or Technical Support.

Please click on the link below to start the download process and “ENJOY”

STOP… If you already have the Evaluation copy loaded, you don’t need to download again. Wait till the eval expires and when it does paste in your license key and your software will be LIVE!


eCopy PaperWorks - v2009.10


eCopy PaperWorks (click here to download) example... link not hot linked here.
eCopy PaperWorks 2009.1 Download this file. Activate via the above license key

 Your Software comes standard with the following Connectors…

eCopy PaperWorks Connectors FREE to download

ePW Connector Autonomy iManage Worksite - v2009.10 (upon request)

ePW Connector Documentum - v2009.10 (upon request)

ePW Connector Microsoft Sharepoint - v2009.10 (upon request)

ePW Connector OpenText eDOCS DM - v2009.10 (upon request)

Maintenance and Support Agreement 

 Supporting Material

  • eCopy_PaperWorks_SharePoint_Connector_Admin_Guide.pdf  
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  • ecopy-paperworks-datasheet.pdf  
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  • ecopy-paperworks-install-guide.pdf  
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To install your eCopy product, you will need the unique serial number(s) or product key(s) listed above. This information is specific to your order as product keys and serial numbers are unique. Lost or misplaced keys and/or serial numbers may not be recoverable. Once registered, the registered entity has sole control of the product license(s). DO NOT SHARE this information with others. DO SAVE this e-mail for future reference.